A Chained Soul

A chained soul…

what you want to do..?

this is not a question anymore it’s more of a challenge, a forceful order just to imply” you can’t do anything of your own”.

and then a body seems to be free isn’t free anymore. 

A body with a chained soul

(Image source : DeviantArt)

they will ask for your option… 

what other options do a chained soul have? .. 

let me guess!! ohhhh it’s freedom… 

but there is a problem.. 

How would you explain freedom to another chained soul?

A word they haven’t heard of.

A word that could make you a rebel among them… 

beware this word could be dangerous for you… either you have enough guts to be a rebel or you could be just like them…. 

Another chained soul.!!!
it’s better to be silent and let them plant their own ideas and options in your mind … 

that’s how it works…

from one chained soul to another… 

from one body to another…

from one cage to another…

and the whole world of yours that seem to be free , it’s all chained, trapped in cage full of miseries. 

And the irony is … no one will ever find out, they make you feel it’s your decision to be chained just like their ancestors did to them. though this is not in our DNA , couse god doesn’t want that. 

Learn this trick very careful… you gonna need this… how to put a soul in chains… 

you have to acquire this… 

World is full of such teachers they will teach you.
Or you could be self learner… teach your self to fly… fly high. just like an eagle… don’t lets your soul chained, be a rebel, watch everything above the clouds… 

 By : Aman Gautam (taabiirdaan)

(Image source : MariaMazi , Deviant Art)

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A Poet is a Liar

Dear Readers,

First of all i would like to introduce myself,

My name is Aman Gautam,19, a Published Author (😂). 

Thats all for intro! Now come to the point. 

You guys must be curious about the my blog site title A poet is a liar“.  You have to be curious, cause i want that (JK). You have read a lots of poets, shayars & writers. And have you ever figure out the common thing among them.. 

Its their Imagination and the way they express their lies and all the desire they want from someone else or the beauty of nature or it could be the way they sees the world, which is absolutely never resemble the actual world.

A poet is the biggest liar you could have meet  in your entire life. 

Its sounds so ridiculous, if someone call you a liar,  even sometimes people call me a poet, although i love that feeling when someone call me a poet, a writer, a shayar. Apart from that, yeah its 110% true “a poet is a liar”.

A poet lie about everything like relationship, or nature, about you ,about himself. A lie that everyone love to hear though telling a lie is a sin. But still the most of the peoples “those who love poetry” likes poets, likes liar. 

And according to the rulebook of socialize people, if majority likes something then its not a sin anymore, eventually it became an art. 

So a poet (the liar) became an artist now. How intresting..

A poet lie about nature or you could say, a poet shows you the hidden side of everything, embrace in beautiful words, and that words form a poetry, full of lies, and there is always a reason behind a lie, hidden in  poetry, and if you are good Reader, you could sense that emotional reason behind those beautiful words. And you definitely try to relate yourself with that poetry,and it makes a poet feel good. And you start liking poet’s reason and the lies jut because they resembles yours. 

And as a writer/poet you should write what your readers want to read, but its a myth. Yes it is, I think the reader will do read everything whatever you write until your lies resembles with the readers and also lies which good enough to make a Reader go wow..

So here I am going to tell you a lot of lies that you want to hear, want to feel.

I am a poet and I am a liar.

#Aman gautam

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